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Attendance and Tardy Policy for OHS Students
Please read carefully----
Attendance, Tardy, and Credit Earning Policy for OHS
Orangewood High School staff feels strongly about encouraging our students to make good choices and establishing productive habits. Students that demonstrate this responsible behavior will be rewarded with awards and incentives. However, when tardy and attendance policies are not adhered to or students do not earn enough credits, students should expect to receive the appropriate consequences. Listed below are the policies and consequences for failure to follow policy.
Absences: All absences must be cleared within two days or they will be recorded as truancies. Parents must call or send a note to clear absences. Please call 307-5380, ext. 38103 day or night.  After school hours you can leave your name, student name, date of absence and reason for absence on the school answering machine.  
  • Regular attendance is expected. Students who have poor attendance will not earn productive credit in classes and could be referred to the PM Intervention class.
  • The OHS auto-caller will notify parents when students miss any class period on any day.
  • The OHS Attendance Clerk will notify parents when full-day absences are not excused.
  • Students with poor attendance may be put on an attendance contract.
·         A warning letter will be sent home when a student’s absences are becoming excessive. The letter will warn the parent/guardian that they may be referred to the District Attorney’s office and may have to attend a School Attendance Review Team meeting if student attendance does not improve.
  • More than 18 period absences in a block, excused or unexcused, or violation of the attendance contract may result in automatic enrollment into PM Intervention classes the following block.
  • The intervention class is structured to help the student become more responsible and get back on the right track. If student is successful in the intervention class they will get a regular morning schedule back the following block. If student is not successful after two blocks in the Intervention class, student will be referred to SARB/Community Day School or Adult Education if over 18.  
  • Perfect Attendance (no absences or tardies in a block) will be rewarded with a Perfect Attendance Certificate and other prizes.                                                                                                                             
  • All students must get a late slip from the office if they are late to any class.
  • The late slip should be taken to the teacher.
  •  Student will forfeit productive hours and lose credit.
 Excessive tardies:
  • Parent may be notified by phone or letter, or both, if student is chronically tardy.
  • Students who are tardy three or more times in one week will be assigned one hour after-school campus service on that Friday.
  • If student fails to serve after-school campus service, he/she will serve break and lunch detention the following school day.
  • If the student is absent on detention day, the student will be assigned one full-day on-campus suspension.
  • Any student who refuses to serve detention will be suspended for defiance.
  • Excessive tardies can also result in student being put on an attendance contract.
  • Violation of the attendance contract will result in assignment to PM or loss of 1st period class.
Under achievement of credits (3 or less earned per block):
First block: A deficiency letter will be sent home by the advisor.
Second block: Advisor will give a referral to the counselor and counselor will call parent/guardian for a conference.
Third block: Advisor will give referral to the counselor and counselor will warn student that they will begin PM Intervention classes.
Please note……Students will not be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities or athletics if attendance, productivity, or behavior is poor or if assigned to after-school campus service/detention.

Specific changes to the Tardy Policy are as follows:
Each teacher is to determine their own individual policy for student consequences for tardies on a day-to-day basis. Typical consequences would involve loss of hours, loss of participation points, loss of credit and possibly lowering of grade.
Students are expected to be in class, on time, every day. When tardies become habitual and excessive, the following steps should be put in place.
1.      Three tardies in any week is considered excessive. Any student who is tardy three times in one week will immediately be assigned After School Campus Service on that same Friday from 1:45 to 2:45 PM.
2.      Any student who does not serve After School Campus Service will serve break AND lunch detention the next school day.
3.      Any student who is absent on detention day will be assigned on-campus suspension the following school day.
4.      Any student who refuses to serve detention will be suspended for defiance.
5.      Six tardies per block in any class is considered excessive. When a student accumulates six tardies in a block, the teacher will call the parent and log the phone call in the intervention file.
6.      If the student reaches eight tardies in a block, the teacher will write a referral to the counselor and the counselor will warn the student that the next offense will result in the student being put on an attendance contract.  
7.      If the student breaks the attendance contract, the first period class will be dropped or the student will be assigned to PM.

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